• 07 Dec 2022
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If you are a Building Manager or a View Admin, select the Users tab to go to the user directory for your View Smart Building Cloud account.  

The user directory lists all people who can sign in to your organization’s account in the portal, although what they see once they sign in can vary—which we explain in more detail below. The page uses a simple interface that allows you to search for, filter, add, or modify users. 

Personas and user types 

All users in your account have access to the portal, but you can control their permissions by the persona you assign to them. The persona you assign correlates with their role on your property. The user type is automatically applied to a user depending on the persona you assign them. These data points offer another way for you to categorize and filter your users.  

The following table lists details for the different personas available for user management in the portal. 

PersonaDescriptionUser Type
Sales TeamView Sales Team members who need general access to an accountView Employee
Glaziers*View Smart Glass installers and maintenance3rd Party Contractors
AdminThe all-up admin (super user) for the View account. This person has permissions to see and modify all areas of the portalView Customer
PMs/FSE*View Smart Glass project managers and sales engineers3rd Party Contractors
OccupantAn individual end user who needs access to the View Wellness App. The most common profile for this persona is a person who lives in a multi-family residential property which includes the app as a benefit to all occupants.  View Customer
View CSM*View Smart Glass Customer Success ManagersView Employee
LVE*Low-voltage electrician, specifically for View Smart Glass installation3rd Party Contractors
Building ManagerThe main person who manages View Smart Building Cloud for a specific property, which can include multiple tenants.
View Customer
Tenant Admin
The person who manages a View Smart Building Cloud account for a single tenant.
View Customer
*Persona specific to View Smart Glass customers only

Add a user 

Select ADD USER at the top of the directory and complete the fields in the dialog that appears.  

Note the following: 

  • Passwords must be at least eight characters long 
  • All fields are required, except Phone.  

creenshot of the "New User" window where you enter name, email, phone, password, and persona details/selections.

Select Next and select your scope options. For example, you can set an expiration date for the user.  If you have View Smart Windows installed on the property, you can limit access to certain zones or zone groups.

Screenshot of the "New Scope" window which allows you to choose zones and domains to apply user access restrictions

Select Save and the new user will appear in the user directory once you refresh the page. 

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