• 28 Sep 2022
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Select the Windows tab to manage View Smart Windows for your property. Smart Windows are pre-programmed with View Intelligence® for your comfort and automatically adjust their tint in response to outdoor conditions. However, you also have the option to create custom tint schedules and/or override current tint settings directly in the Smart Building Cloud portal.  

You can review and modify tint settings for different Smart Window zones and zone groups directly in the Smart Building Cloud portal. A zone is the most granular group and tint is applied uniformly across all windows in a zone. A zone group is a grouping of multiple zones that might have different settings applied among them. 

The Windows tab includes two subpages, Inspector and Schedules, which we explain below in more detail. 

Inspector page

The Smart Windows Inspector page lists information for all zones and zone groups for your Smart Windows. Each line entry in the list shows the floor, number of insulated glass units (IGUs), tint mode, tint level, remaining time for that tint setting, and tint history. In the upper-right corner, you can search by schedule name, filter by floor, or filter by mode. 

Image of the selections that appear under modes, which are explained in the list below.

Smart Window tints are applied in different modes, with an order of precedence:

  • Intelligence®: The default mode for View Smart Windows, which uses solar modeling to determine tint based on sun position, cloud cover, outdoor temperature, and other data points. 
  • Schedule: Applies scheduled tint settings to Smart Windows that take precedence over Intelligence® controls. 
  • Sleep In Mode: Applies tint settings that simulate a delayed sunrise, based on a user-determined wake time.
  • Override: Applies manually selected tint settings that override any Intelligence® or scheduled tint for a period of time. After the user-determined period, Smart Windows revert to Intelligence® mode or an existing schedule.

On the Smart Windows Inspector page, you can create a schedule and temporarily override an existing schedule

Schedules page 

The Tint Schedule page shows all scheduled tints for the property. You can sort the list by scheduled start time or name, and you can also filter the list by date range, floor, or zone group.  

Screenshot of the Tin Schedules page with 5 different example schedules in the list

On the Tint Schedule page, you can add a new schedule and edit an existing schedule. You can also disable or delete a schedule.