• 26 Sep 2023
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Article Summary

Use this guide to get started with Remote Access, a cloud-based service for secure remote access to industrial IOT devices and services (endpoints). You’ll find basic information on using Remote Access in this guide, including its purpose, how to login and access devices, and how to configure the Remote Access portal for users and devices.

Product naming updates

To better unify branding across all of our technologies, we have changed our product names from OT-Access to Remote Access, and ioTium to View (or View Secure Edge). These updates are now reflected in our product UIs and in our documentation.

What Is Remote Access

Remote Access is a View cloud-based service that manages third-party vendor and technician remote access to industrial IOT devices through a browser interface. It is a centralized tool for secure global management of:

  • Third-party user access, authentication, and configuration
  • User and device activity monitoring

Optionally, you can also deploy Remote Access App-Servers, which are secure virtual desktop instances for hosting OT applications, available as Windows or Linux instances. (For more information about Remote Access App-Servers, see Appendix Remote Access App-Server

Who Should Use this Guide

This guide is for all Remote Access users, including:

  • Administrators in your company who are responsible for configuring user and device access for Remote Access. To manage users and devices on Remote Access, you must have Administrator permission for Remote Access.
  • Users (third-party vendors and technicians) who need to use Remote Access to reach devices for which they’ve been granted permission. Users have Remote Access permission to a specific set of devices.


Your Remote Access customer team prepares Remote Access for your use. If you have questions, visit our support site.

Additional Documentation Resources

For additional information about Remote Access, see the Remote Access Release Notes. The Release Notes, as well as additional View product information, are available at our support site.

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