Release Notes
  • 01 Jul 2024
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Release Notes

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1. Introduction

This document provides information on the features, improvements, and known issues in this release.

Product naming updates

To better unify branding across all of our technologies, we have changed our product names from ioTium to View Remote Access Portal. These updates are now reflected in our product UIs and in our documentation.

2. Changes in this Release (v24.05)

2.1. New Features

  • System Email Customization: You can now modify the system emails sent to your users. Modifications include branding to add your logo and color scheme and editable signature and footer text areas.

2.2. Enhancements

  • Site and Portfolio Admin Management Improvements: We’ve made changes to the user onboarding process to improve clarity when creating Admin and Access Users.
  • Group Name Edit: You can now edit the names of existing groups.
  • Support for Identical TAN subnets on the iNode: Secure Edge v24.05 introduced the ability to add TAN networks with the same subnet to an iNode. We have enhanced the device onboarding process to support this enhanced iNode functionality. Now, when adding a device to an iNode with identical TAN networks, you can select the specific TAN network to associate with the device.
  • Web Interface (HTTP(s)) Connections Timeout: We’ve made enhancements to prevent unexpected timeouts when connecting to HTTP(s) type connections.
  • Other Systems Enhancements: We’ve made backend changes to increase the reliability and performance of RDP, VNC, and SSH connections.

2.3. Bug Fixes


3. Issues

3.1. Limitations

  • A new user may need to wait up to 5-minutes after user creation to change the password.
  • SSO supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) 2.0 and SAML 2.0. SSO with encryption enabled SAML IDP is not yet available.
  • When a user performs password change, the notification response takes about 10 sec.
  • SSH to Ubuntu 18.04 and higher version fails, need to allow ssh-rsa in the sshd config.
  • Associating 1000 groups to an user will result in user login failure.
  • Maximum of 77 devices can be configured to be accessible via View End User Remote Access Agent.
  • TCP/UDP connections are not immediately accessible via View End User Remote Access Agent. Please allow 5-minutes after creation to allow onboarding of the device to complete on the backend.
  • When creating TCP/UDP connections, ensure that the assigned group has at least one user assigned prior to assigning the connection.
  • Editing of hostname is not allowed for TCP/UDP connections.

3.2. Known Problems

  • Portal login with external IDP can fail with error "too many redirects". This happens when the user is not logged into the external IDP or the portal url is Changing the url to will login to the portal successfully.
  • Sometimes a user delete can take longer (up to 10 min) to reflect across systems. Please wait 15 minutes when re-adding a user with the same email ID as the deleted user. If verification email is not received after re-adding the user, please contact Customer Support for resolution.
  • In the password reset screen, if the old password is set as the new password and a login is attempted immediately sometimes the password reset screen is presented again. Please wait 15-minutes when attempting to log-in.
  • In rare occurrences, user logout action gets redirected to the user profile page and the user is not logged out. The user should perform the logout action again.
  • Single Logout (SLO) will not log out the session at the external identify provider. The user needs to also log out from their identity provider.
  • User needs to perform logout/login after changing the password via View End User Remote Access Agent.
  • TCP/UDP device access via the View End User Remote Access Agent is not supported after HA switchover/iNode replacement. Please contact Customer Support to reinstate View End User Remote Access Agent capabilities.
  • For non-Admin Users, when viewing Active Sessions on the User Profile page, the list will always appear empty. Admin Users will see Active Sessions from the Org Profile page.
  • US/Pacific-New timezone selection in Scheduled Access config might not work. Please use America/Los Angeles timezone as an equivalent.
  • Portfolio login might be slow due to permission checks.
  • Portfolio admin is allowed to remove access group associations from an org admin.

4. Archives

To view Release Notes for earlier versions, see here.

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