3D Viewer
  • 10 Dec 2022
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3D Viewer

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Select the Viewer tab from the top menu to open an interactive, 3D model of your property.  When you first open the 3D Viewer, you will see a grey image of your property, with no additional information displayed.

In the upper-left corner of the page, there are three vertical icons:

  • Home: The default setting, which displays the overall building model.
  • Spaces: Select to show a specific space on a specific floor.
  • Assets: Select to show sensor icons on the building model and scroll through detailed sensor data in the left menu.

In the upper-right corner of the page is an interactive compass that shows the current orientation of the model. You can interact with the compass directly to rotate the image, regardless of what other features you are using.

Below the diagram, there are icons for each tool you can select to work with the model. The following table explains how to work with these tools (numbered for reference).

1. Orbit
Drag your mouse over the image to rotate your view of the property. This tool is automatically enabled when you open the 3D Viewer.
2. Pan
Click and drag your mouse to move your model around the display (instead of rotating it).
3. First Person
When you select this icon, it opens the Navigate in First Person menu, which shows different keyboard and mouse options when using the feature.  Once you exit the menu, you can select a floor to navigate in the upper-right dropdown menu or double-click directly on the image. Once you are in first-person view, double-click on the image to move your location on the floor.
4. Levels
Select one floor of a building to manipulate in 3D view. You can apply all the regular features to the floor.
5. Settings
Customize your 3D Viewer experience. You can modify configuration, navigation, appearance, and environment settings for many of the features you use to explore the model.
6. Show Sun Path
Shows the projected sun path for the current day. A menu appears with sunrise and sunset times, and other seasonal info. This information is useful for customers who have installed View Smart Glass and want to anticipate or schedule adjustments.
7. Show Building Heat Map
Shows color-coded values for temperature (default), humidity, CO2, CO, O3, formaldehyde, and particulate matter. Select the data type from the drop-down list above the heat map legend. Levels that appear in grey do not have active sensors collecting data.

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