The persona for the all-up admin (super user) for the View account. This person has permissions to see and modify all areas of the portal.


building access

Badge-based access control data that includes total swipes, total unique users, and percentage usage of the property by tenant.

Building Manager

The persona given to the person who manages View Smart Building Cloud for a specific property, which can include multiple tenants

building occupancy

The number of people in the building, represented as total count and also as a percentage (based on the maximum occupancy of a building). Data is collected from occupancy sensors at entry points and/or elevator banks.


energy usage

Energy usage in kilowatt hours (kWh)

energy usage intensity

Measured energy usage (kWh) per rentable square foot



The persona for third-party contractors who install and maintain View Smart Glass


lobby activity

The foot traffic in your building lobby. This value is calculated from data collected in lobby sensors.


The persona for low-voltage electricians, specifically for View Smart Glass installation


maximum occupancy

The upper limit of people who can be present in a building. This number is defined during the setup process for each building.



The persona given to an individual end user who needs access to the View Wellness App. The most common profile for this persona is a person who lives in a multi-family residential property which includes the app as a benefit to all occupants. 


Tenant Admin

The persona given to the person who manages a View Smart Building Cloud account for a single tenant


usage intensity

Average number of users per tenant. This value is calculated from badge-based building access data.

usage intensity score

Average number of users per square foot


View CSM

The persona for View Smart Glass Customer Success Managers

visit frequency

Graphical data that shows aggregated counts of individuals enter the property 1,2,3, or 4 or more times a week